Both of your suggested reasons are correct. The sheets are made of a high quality material with a high thread count per inch, they have to be so that they will last long enough to be economical to use.
When I fold it and roll it to place under the clients neck, it is a thicker roll than other towels, and then it's still soft. Even when I roll it tight, it compresses and springs back because of the thickness of the towel.
(missed the old white dish towels from my youth). I do wash them separately from my clothes via the DIY bucket system. I do a LOT more washing (bucket system) because of what I use the old t-shirts for but at least now I don’t worry about running out of paper products, i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, etc. Just me and two pets.
Yes, our Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue System dispenses one sheet at a time, so that you touch only the sheet you use. Do you have any toilet tissue product that will deter pilferage? Non-standard product types typically help deter pilferage.So Soft Interleaved Toilet Tissue and Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue will help deter pilferage.Plus, all our ...